Presented by First Floor Gallery Harare and Guns & Rain

“Duck & Rabbit Projects” is a collaborative pairing between long time studio partners Arlene Wandera and Richard Zeiss, designed as an experiential conversation between their vastly different artistic practices and backgrounds. Wandera is a sculptor who was born in Kenya and raised in the UK, with a rigorous figurative and political element to her work. Conversely Zeiss is painter and installation artist, with a strong interest in history of painting and abstraction. Together, Duck & Rabbit is dedicated to producing site-specific exhibition projects aimed at engaging the viewer in the push and pull of their two artistic approaches within a single space.

For the AKAA fair in Paris, the duo will present a project comprising objects and paintings inspired by the writing of one of Parisian art history’s most famous multi-culturalists Gertrude Stein:The care with which there is incredible justice and likeness, all this makes a magnificent asparagus, and also a fountain.  Stein’s artistic vision is a touch-stone for an ability to reveal the truth of things, by breaking down conventional descriptions and prescriptions. In the same fashion, in their AKAA project Duck & Rabbit will immerse audiences in a re-orienting experience, which brings out the humanity of every person, beyond the social, political, racial and cultural boxes that we use as a convenient yet outmoded default.