Curated by Amy Ellenbogen

Neofuzz investigates and highlights a particular slice of the gloriously textured design industry in Africa and the diaspora. This show, within AKAA 2017, will focus on products, objects, vessels, adornments, materials and sensations that allow for a sense of play and celebration of African Design in a broad context. Design has a rich heritage in Africa, often confused with or labeled as Craft and always steeped in anthropology, honesty and ingenuity.

“Fuzz” relates to the lines between borders, ideas, cultures, perceptions and aesthetics having become blurred/fuzzy. Some of the most exciting designs come out of or relating to Africa are the result of cross-pollination and collaboration as well as the unavoidable response to the rapid development in global communication. Neofuzz will present both existing works by selected designers as well as those that are created especially for AKAA. The audience can expect to see everyday objects like a hammock, a floor light, a towel, a cell phone cover. An ever-shifting dialogue around Africa and Design.