Maison Intègre is a treasure hunter; the house seeks out and provides exceptional objects from West Africa. Founded in 2017 by Ambre Jarno, the idea took root in Burkina Faso, where she lived. Today, Ambre works with antique dealers and local craftsmen, sharing the innate elegance and history of African objects with the greater public. Maison Intègre desires to preserve the origins of these pieces and highlight their authentic creative approach.

The brand offers unique objects carefully selected from West African antique dealers. Ambre has developed an extensive network in the region thanks to her travels over the years. For Maison Intègre, she chooses exceptional items as well as traditional objects, such as Senoufo beds, stools, masks, statues and vintage fabrics. These everyday items are all marked by the patina of time.

Inspired by the aesthetic of these historical objects, Maison Intègre has brought forth an initial collection of bronze items in a limited-edition series, available by special order. Made according to an ancestral, lost-wax casting technique from Ouagadougou, each piece is the fruit of collaboration among Burkinabé bronzesmiths and designers. The collection features stools, lamps, candleholders and other remarkable creations.

Discover the universe of Maison Intègre on its website: Private visits of the Paris showroom are also available.

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