“Expanding beyond the contemporary art scene from Africa, let’s also talk about artists from the Global South whose paths intersect and whose work draws inspiration from these encounters.”
Victoria Mann – director of AKAA

Let’s rethink the map of the world and place Africa in its center. Then take a pencil and draw routes, across the continent, seas and oceans, to other territories. These routes are taken by people who carry with them their ideas, their beliefs, their know-how and imagination. For humans never cease to travel and explore unknown circles,  aspiring toward new encounters. From these encounters spring new ideas, and because these reciprocal influences cross borders, a territory like Africa cannot be considered as a closed continent.

AKAA wishes to emphasize the diversity of Africa’s spiritual, cultural, commercial and ideological links to other regions of the world, and examine their impact on contemporary art.
To highlight the importance of the art scene from Africa  in the world, we will consider the cross-influences between the African continent and other regions of the Global South.

In keeping with this approach, we encourage participating galleries to play with these openings and submit proposals that reflect the artistic dialogue from one continent to another.

Stay tuned and see you at the Carreau du Temple from November 9th to 11th!