© Fernando Javier Urquijo

AKAA – Also Known As Africa – the first and foremost contemporary art fair focused on Africa in France, reflects an Africa with many facets that transcends borders and whose voices resonate around the world, carried by the vision of each artist.

For its 9th edition, AKAA returns to the Carreau du Temple from October 18 to 20, 2024.

This year, AKAA continues to highlight the conversations Africa has with the Americas and the Caribbean, particularly by spotlighting the ultramarine scene. Special showcases by invited artists and curators will amplify the voices of these vibrant artistic scenes from France’s overseas territories.



Others Shall Come. Curatorial Voices, tackles the notions and issues at stake in curatorial practice, while helping to sharpen the artist’s critical thinking, giving access to different types of exhibition spaces, and therefore to different types of expression.

Curatorial practice contributes to the visibility of an artist, a scene and/or an artistic community. It shakes up its influences, making a lasting contribution to an artist’s career. Three authors, Armelle Dakouo, Allison Glenn and Jeanne Mercier, will engage in conversation with a selection of artists and actors who are engaged in writing a new narrative in the decompartmentalization of artistic practices, curatorial schemes, and academic discourse, in order to extend their visibility and pave the way for those who will come.