For its eighth edition, AKAA is highlighting curatorial practice in the context of a fair and its market. Lead by Artistic Director, Armelle Dakouo, a number of invitations have been extended to curators and artists to present projects, installations and critical pieces that question curatorial practice and the stakes it defends, enabling critical thought regarding the artist’s approach while giving them access to different types of exhibition space and thus, of expression. Curatorial practice contributes by shifting its impact, to the visibility of an artist, a scene and/or an artistic community. Curatorial practice makes a lasting contribution to the artist’s career and growth.

Curatorial Voices 2023

Carine Djuidje
Yaoundé, Cameroon

Allison Glenn
New-York, USA

Jeanne Mercier
Marseille, France

Richard Mudariki
Harare, Zimbabwe

Fahamu Pecou
Atlanta, USA

Komlan Daniel

Lome, Togo

Farrah Bencheikh
Marseille, France

Armelle Dakouo
Marseille, France