Dans Ce.. 2016, tirage numérique sur diasec. © Siaka Soppo Traoré. Courtesy Galerie MAM



With 15.000 visitors over 3-and-a-half days, AKAA has now established itself as a major cultural and artistic rendez-vous, where all actors participating in this artistic scene can meet and spontaneously share, exchange and dialog.

Art dealers, artists and sponsors are unanimous in their praise of AKAA for achieving a unique dynamic and stimulating the interest of a very large public.

AKAA would like to thank those who believed in us and supported our project. A special thank-you to the 35 exhibitors who participated in our first edition; the 40 artists who honored us with their presence; our fabulous partners: Orange, Eiffage, Renault, Axa Art, Kwerk, whose support was crucial to the preparation of this event; the 300 journalists who registered at the fair, and spread the word about AKAA; the many visitors who came to discover and celebrate art from Africa; the speakers and performers in Les Rencontres AKAA; and last but not least, all those who worked tirelessly by our side to make this fair a place to promote growth and appreciation of contemporary art from Africa.

Let us all meet again, November 10-12, 2017, for our second edition, which will confirm AKAA as a major Parisian event for the contemporary art scene from Africa.