AKAA 2018: Thank You!

The third edition of AKAA – Also Known As Africa closed on Sunday evening November 11th on an extremely positive note with 15,000 visitors in four days, including attendance by many important collectors, and very good sales.

This success is due to the artistic quality of the fair, recognized by so many attendees,  while still maintaining the friendly and positive atmosphere that AKAA is now well known for.

Many of the featured artists  were the subject of significant sales: the South African photographerRoger Ballen; his compatriot Kendell Geers; the painter Amadou Sanogo;  Justin Dingwall; the photographer Joana Choumali;  and Alexis Peskine among others…

The Global South connections highlighted this year by Victoria Mann, the fair director,  were pushed forward by the 49 exhibitors as well as the 140 artists presented at AKAA. All were involved in raising awareness of this strong and innovative message, which was was so well received by the attending public. The gallery owners are delighted with this edition, which  kept all of its promises.

The Rencontres AKAA, which took place at AKAA Underground, were a great success both in attendance and recognition. Strong exchanges and lively discussions were appreciated by visitors throughout the weekend. The audience felt engaged and participated fully in the debates.
To close each day, the Rencontres AKAA welcomed four musicians who transported the audience to warm and varied musical worlds.
Finally, the performance of the artist Dalila Dalléas Bouzar was particularly noticed by the visitors who were invited to pose for the live production of their portrait.

Victoria Mann, Fair Director, and her team, thank all the exhibitors, the artists and partners for their trust and support.
See you at the 4th edition of AKAA in 2019!