Podcast “Batik and Wax, from Indonesia to Africa”

23 November 2018

Les Rencontres AKAA 2018 

Podcast “Batik and Wax, from Indonesia to Africa” =



A panel-discussion hosted in French by Anne Grosfilley, Anthropologist, specialised in textile and design from Africa. With :

  • Imane Ayissi, Dancer, Model and Designer of Haute Couture
  • Myrthe Groot, Designer and co-Founder of the fashion brand Guave
  • Youssouf Fofana, Founder of Maison Château Rouge

At the end of the 19th century, Dutch settlers inspired by the wax techniques of Javanese Batik began to mass produce wax fabric that seduced many people in West Africa. These textiles are today a true marker of West African identity. By inviting specialists and artists, this panel discussion will take a look at the history of Batik and Wax in a colonial and post-colonial context. It will present the multiple uses and meanings of these textiles and their patterns, as well as their correspondence from one continent to another.

In partnership with L’Institut des Cultures d’Islam
Recorded by Xavier Luce