AKAA UNDERGROUND on KissKissBankBank: well done !

22 September 2017, in General

Participate in the creation of AKAA Underground, an ephemeral cultural space open to all, dedicated to creativity and artistic exchange during the 2017 edition of AKAA! Join the AKAA UNDERGROUND COMMUNITY by participating in the setting up of this new space open to all. AKAA UNDERGROUND A CAFE WITH A CULTURAL PROGRAMME FOR EVERYONE As part … Continue reading “AKAA UNDERGROUND on KissKissBankBank: well done !”

A moment with Franck Fanny

6 February 2017, in General

Franck Abd-Bakar Fanny was born in 1970 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, where he lives and works. Self-taught and iconoclastic, he deviates very quickly from the beaten track. The importance of his own point of view is central and omnipresent in his work. Since 2001, his photographs, often abstract and reworked meticulously in an almost obsessive … Continue reading “A moment with Franck Fanny”

A moment with Yuri Zupancic

23 January 2017, in General

  Yuri Zupancic was born in 1980 in USA. Inspired by the vital impetus of the machines and fascinated by the fast evolution of ways of communication and their effects, Yuri Zupancic uses the entrails of machines to paint life. He is particularly fond of the electronic components on which he paints with oil using … Continue reading “A moment with Yuri Zupancic”

A moment with Ephrem Solomon

9 January 2017, in Interview

  Ephrem Solomon was born in 1983 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he lives and works. He creates inquisitive works using wood cut panels and mixed media based on his socio-political observations of contemporary Addis Ababa. Trained in traditional printmaking, Solomon uses the carved marks to make constructed portraits informed by the people who inhabit … Continue reading “A moment with Ephrem Solomon”