Talents237 is an exhibition curated by Carine Djuidje which features eight talented young contemporary artists from Cameroon :

William Bakaimo, Romaric Bidias, Arnold Fokam, Bienvenue Fotso, Roméo Temwa, Leuna Noumbimboo, Grâce Dorothée Tong,  Madeleine Wilfried Mbida.

After studying at the University of Dschang, Carine Djuidje joined the Bandjoun Station team in 2015 and studied cultural mediation. During this period, working alongside Barthélémy Toguo, who runs the centre, she also curated exhibitions such as Dialogue(s) (2016); Woman power (2018); La nudité de l’âme (2020) Denmark; Thinking of the women artists (2021); Circle of Dreams (2022) a series of lithographs by David Lynch. She also represented Bandjoun Station at the African Art Book Fair (2018 and 2022) in Dakar, Senegal. During AFRICA2020, Carine Djuidje assisted Barthélémy Toguo with the Cafeteria Mobile project (2021) in Montpellier, France. The experience she has acquired enabled her to run a number of workshops for school children in West Cameroon. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, in 2020, she was entrusted with the administration of Bandjoun Station, as well as the day-to-day running of all its activities and artist residencies, directed by Barthélémy Toguo, an exceptional Cameroonian artist and Founder of Bandjoun Station.

Talents237 is an exhibition supported by the Institut Français du Cameroun and Bandjoun Station, two institutions who work closely together to promote young talent and encourage the connexion to collectors. These goals are associated with access to exhibition spaces and creative residencies in France. Come and discover the work of these eight special artists.